The #SuzySavageMethod

Focused Input ยท Massive Results

Susan Ottey, better known as Suzy Savage for her love of powerlifting, is the owner of Better Bodies 757, a gym in Hampton, VA focused on empowering women to become the strongest version of themselves. In the first year of business, Better Bodies grew rapidly and Susan realized her natural inclination for entrepreneurship. As her business evolved, so did her passion for helping other women achieve the same massive results that she did. While continuing to train successful powerlifters and strength athletes, Susan now hosts Her Health and Wealth Mastermind where she teaches other women the Suzy Savage Method of leveling up in business and health. In addition, she created the Strong by Choice Podcast to support entrepreneurs who are looking to achieve life balance while building an empire. Although young, Susan is building a strong presence in her community as she makes a name for herself as a successful business owner and mentor looking to invest in others.